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Did you know that concrete is one of the most porous materials used today? That is why so many concrete slabs are plagued with stains, harmful bacteria and overall an unattractive appearance. We are here to tell you that you don’t have to live with ugly concrete! Here at SUDS Power Washing, we can bring your concrete back to life while offering benefits like:

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Why You Should Consider Concrete Cleaning

When it comes to the benefits that you stand to gain from our concrete cleaning services, the benefits go much farther than just a better aesthetic. Our services can provide a wide variety of benefits that won’t only make your concrete safer but even last longer! Down below, you will find a few of the benefits our services can provide:

Safer To Use

What most people don’t know about concrete in Tallahassee is that it can easily grow mold, mildew and in some cases, fungi. Not only will these bacteria pose a threat to your health, but they can also make your concrete very slippery when wet. At SUDS, we kill the bacteria at its route so you won’t have to worry about it growing back days after we leave.

Long lasting

Increased Appeal

While concrete cleaning can make your concrete look better, there is more to the appearance of your concrete than something nice to look at. A clean concrete surface can make your home much more attractive on the market when you are looking to sell and can even increase your home’s worth. This is because a potential buyer will see the clean concrete surface and know they won’t have to clean it themselves as well as increase the curb appeal of your home.


Longer Lasting

When your concrete is plagued with contaminates, these hazards won’t only pose harm to you but also the lifespan of your concrete. When dirt or mud fills the pores of your slab, it can limit how much the concrete can breathe and this can lead to cracks, gouges and even an exposed aggregate that can render your concrete ruined if not treated.


Easier Maintenance

We know just how daunting cleaning a dirty concrete surface can be but after we clean your concrete, it can be manageable. We recommend the use of a coating of at least a sealer after we clean the slab. This sealer can resist stains, the growth of harmful material and is even water-resistant. Even if you don’t opt for a sealer, our SUDS sauce can help your concrete resist mold and mildew.



Where you may worry about the chemicals and detergents that we use in concrete cleaning, rest assured that all of the materials we use in our pressure and soft washing processes are completely eco-friendly and family-friendly. That means that you won’t have to worry about expensive landscaping getting destroyed or your family pet getting sick from licking the ground after we leave.

Increase value

Ready For Protection

We know just how much a contractor can blow the preparation for a coating out of proportion. But if you are looking for a sealer to be placed on your concrete, now is a perfect time! Along with SUDS having decades of experience with power washing, we know what it takes to coat your concrete with a protective layer so you can have peace of mind knowing your concrete is attractive and protected.

Ever since that time, we haven’t looked back and we keep getting busier Each Year.

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Why Use A Professional?

We know that it may seem easier to clean your concrete yourself but we are here to tell you that it may not be right for everyone. Not only will you have to waste time finding out how to clean your concrete, but you will also have to spend money on renting the tools, finding the materials and of course going outside and work on your leisure time.

Enter SUDS Power Washing. We have the highest customer satisfaction rating in Tallahassee Florida. We have access to top of the line tools like Hotsy systems and bandit pressure washers to provide the best cleaning possible when paired with our decades of combined experience. One thing is for sure if you choose SUDS to be your concrete cleaning contractors, not only will you have the best-looking concrete on the block, you can have peace of mind knowing it was cleaned by the best in the business.

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Maintaining Your Cleaned Concrete

Keeping It Clean

So now that we have cleaned your concrete, what comes next? Now it’s crucial to keep your concrete cleaned so you don’t have to worry about a nasty slab. Thankfully, there are ways to make sure that your slab stays clean for as long as possible and they aren’t as hard as you may think as we can help! Down below, you will find a couple of ways to keep your slab clean:

  • Use a sealer
  • Rinse off concrete after heavy use
  • Deep clean once a year
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