Roof Washing

The importance of cleaning your roof

Pressure washing your roof is an important part of home maintenance! Doing a regular cleaning of your roof can actually preserve your shingles or tiles. This helps them last longer, saving you money in the long run. Over time, mold, algae, and lichens slowly build up on your roof, creating discoloration! There are many benefits of pressure washing your roof, such as:

  • Prevents roof Damage
  • Saves You Money
  • Makes your home or business more presentable
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The Benefits of Roof Cleaning

There are many benefits to keeping your roof clean. Pressure washing or even soft washing are excellent choices in keeping your roof clean and protected. Regular maintenance and cleaning of your roof prevents damage and save you money! Choose Pressure Washing Tallahassee for all of your roof cleaning services where we guarantee that when we’re done washing your roof will look as good as new.
Long lasting

Saving Money

Sometimes when you look and see imperfections in your roof, you automatically think you need to replace it. Regular cleanings keep your roof durable and clean, preventing the cost of a new roof. On the average house, a roof replacement cost between $7,000 and $10,000! Regular washing prevents damage and strengthens your roof.


Prevents Damage to Your Roof

Many different growths can occur on your roof that can cause damage. Algae is notorious for roof damage! It thrives in humid, hot weather and spreads, leaving a path of destruction. It feeds off the moisture certain shingles hang on to and ends up rotting the shingles. When this happens, your roof can’t properly reflect UV rays causing further roof damage.


Prevent Infestations

Algae and mold from your rooftop can seep into your home’s attic and interfere with your air conditioning. This spreading can lead to allergies in your family and pets, as well as rotting the roof’s support system. If that wasn’t a big enough issue, it could also lead to insect infestations. Crawling insects and small rodents love built up twigs and leaves and can get in through small imperfection in your roof.

Increase value

Homeowners Insurance

Getting your roof cleaned, keeping it cleaned, and maintaining in between is not only important for your home but also your homeowner’s insurance. If the damage was to happen to your roof and they don’t have a log of regular cleanings and maintenance, they may not cover the damage because it wasn’t properly cared for. Cleaning your roof can also find issues that you may need to file with your insurance to be fixed.


Energy Savings

Your roofing has a direct effect on your heating and cooling bills, so it’s important to keep it clean to save on your energy bills. If your roof is covered in debris, algae, or mold, it prevents the attic from staying cool. The sun will no longer reflect off the roof as its intended and won’t be able to keep the heat or cold in your home, increasing your bills.


Improve the Beauty of Your Home

Having dirt, debris, mold, or algae on your roof can cause your home to look dirty. Regular roof cleanings aren’t just for the durability of your roof but its appearance as well. Having a clean roof will increase your curb appeal and make your home look like one straight out of a magazine. To keep your home beautiful, make sure to regularly pressure wash your roof!

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When it comes to pressure washing, it can be a tough job, it gets harder when it comes to the roof! Doing it yourself isn’t recommended in traditional pressure washing but especially in pressure washing your roof. Many things can go wrong that can result in either you or your roof being hurt or damaged. Leave it to the professionals to clean your roof.

Pressure washing Tallahassee is prepared to clean even the dirtiest roofs and provide everything you need to get it as clean as the day it was installed. We offer affordable rates and are licensed, bonded, and insured for the safety of ourselves and our customers. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and pressure washing abilities. We guarantee the best cleaning possible so that your rooftop will look its best and increase your curb appeal and the functionality of your roof.

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Maintaining Your Clean Roof

Protecting your shelter

It is important to keep the roof of your home clean not only for the appearance of your home but also for the durability of your roof. An unclean roof can cause many problems like rotting shingles, infestations of small rodents or insects, or even affect the heating and cooling of your home. There are ways you can keep up with your roof, such as:

  • Regularly pressure wash your roof
  • Keep debris from gathering on your rooftop
  • Replace any shingles that may have come off to prevent any moisture
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