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Over time wood gets dirty and builds mildew and algae into the pores of the wood. Using the right balance of gentle chemicals and low pressure, we are able to restore the exterior wood surfaces around your home to a beautiful finish. Traditional pressure washing uses high pressure to blast the dirt and grime, but often causes further damage than is necessary. Our soft washing techniques clean and brighten your wood without damaging the wood beyond repair.

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About Our Wood Restoration Services

Since wood docks and decks can become covered with mold and mildew creating a slipping hazard for you and your guests, it is important to restore your wood safely without causing damage to the integrity of your wood. Our priority is to clean your exterior wood without causing damage.


We use a soft washing technique that is safe and effective to clean the exterior wood of your home. We offer a safe alternative to traditional high power washing to maintain the integrity of your wood by not using chemicals that leave nasty and harmful residues.

Long lasting

Long Lasting & Durable

Our soft washing services allow you to maintain the existing wood on your home to save you the time and expense of having to replace your deck, dock, patio, or fence. Keep your wood looking beautiful longer.


Preventative Maintenance

Regularly scheduled power washing can protect the exterior of your home from further damage caused by mold and mildew build up, causing you to worry less about replacing rotted wood, chipped paint, and premature aging.


Resist Wear & Tear

Our safe process begins by preparing the wood, then applying a mild wood detergent, and finishing with a soft rinse and brightening agent to restore your wood surfaces back to life. This process not only brings your wood to life but it also helps it to resist future wear and tear from the natural element to which it is exposed.


Protect Against Bacteria

Wood is an ultra porous surface that is highly susceptible to harmful bacteria build up. Your wood surfaces accumulate dirt and grime, but the mildew and other bacteria can be harmful to you and your family. Protect yourself, your pets, and your family by removing these contaminants from your home.

Increase value

Increase Value

Homeowners are highly aware that curb appeal is an important aspect of home ownership to keep in mind. Don’t stop at just the landscape and lawn when it comes to your home’s first impression. Brightening and updating your siding, fencing, decking, and other wood is an important step to increasing the value of your home.

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The exterior of your home takes a beating from exposure to the elements on a daily basis as dirt, grime, and mildew build up over time. Over the course of a year, you may notice significant accumulation and damage that can be avoided by choosing to power wash annually to keep your home looking fresh and clean.

With our power washing service, our customers can anticipate that their wood surfaces will look great, last longer and resist future wear and tear.

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Where Can Soft Power Washing Be Used?

All Your Exterior Wood Surfaces.

Many homeowners think about power washing their driveways, and even the siding of their homes prior to painting or staining, but the wood surfaces often get neglected. When you consider the wooden elements of your home, as they begin to age and build dirt grime and mildew, it is important to update them as well. From fences to decks, to steps and porches- don’t leave these areas unattended.

Perfect power wash


Refinish wood deck power wash



Power wash exterior of house

Steps & Walkways

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Soft Washing versus Power Washing

Don’t cause more damage.

We are often called in to repair the damage that has been caused by another company or well meaning family member that has tried to clean your wood surfaces with a traditional pressure washer only to cause more damage that seems beyond repair.

Heavy pressure washing applications cause more damage to wood surfaces. Our soft washing technology cleans and restores your property without causing further damage.

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