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With Power Washing Tallahassee’s premier soft wash cleaning system we can clean your home’s exterior surfaces without the potential damage caused by high pressure systems that are really only blowing and blasting to move the dirt and debris around. With our system, you do not have to stress over water waste, loud equipment, or surface damage.

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About our Soft Wash System

Our soft wash system uses very low pressure (about the same as your water hose) and an eco-friendly cleaning solution to bring your home back to its original beauty. Our specialized solution does all of the work for cleaning dirt, debris, mold, mildew, and bacteria from the exterior surfaces of your home. It is also safe around your plants and landscaping. Because we don’t just force the dirt and debris around, not only will your home be clean and damage free, but it will also stay clean two to three times longer than traditional pressure washing services.

Damage free

Soft wash technology is safer for your home and other exterior surfaces because it uses mild cleaning detergents versus high pressure systems. Pressure washers can cause severe damage to many surfaces including house siding and wood.

Long lasting


Not only are the detergents used for soft washing environmentally sound, but also our technology uses less water, so it is earth friendly. Also, since the results of the true clean of soft washing last longer, you may not need to have the exterior of your home cleaned as often as you would with a traditional pressure washing service.


Long Lasting

Our results last. Not only does our soft wash system truly clean the dirt, grime and bacteria at the molecular level as opposed to just forcing the debris to move via pressure, but it also allows the results to last longer, keeping your home clean and free of stains and other problems.


Truly Clean

Your house may not simply be dirty. It is often contaminated with bacteria, mold and mildew. Traditional pressure washing only takes care of the outer surface of dirt, but leaves behind layers of harmful substances. Our system eliminates the root of these contaminants.



Because of the reduced labor and safety measures required since our technicians can clean your entire home from the ground level, cost efficiency is increased. We are able to clean your home quickly for less money because we are not constantly repositioning climbing our ladders and scaffolding.

Increase value

Eliminate Mold and Mildew

One of the most important reasons that you should choose our soft wash system is because it will keep your family safe and healthy by truly eliminating mold and mildew at the molecular level. Traditional pressure washing companies may claim to remove these substances, but our proven cleaning solution treats the problem instead of just masking it.

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You may hesitate when you hear the word “chemicals.” But the chemicals used in our specialized soft washing system simply help to break down the dirt, debris, mold, mildew, and other bacteria so that when the time comes, it can be quickly and safely washed away. The safe and eco-friendly chemicals do all of the work so that high pressure doesn’t have to.

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Common Housing Materials We Can Clean

Bring Your Homes Exterior Up To Your Standards

When it comes to cleaning, there is nothing that can stand in our way thanks to our noncorrosive cleaners and our soft or power washing solutions. We can work with you to get any surface on the exterior of your home clean in the blink of an eye. Down below, you will find a few common materials we can clean:









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Patio and Deck Cleaning Services

Enhance Your Entertainment Space

Patios, decks, and entryways can be tricky to clean because traditional pressure washing may exert too much force and cause damage to these highly visible areas of your home.

Your patio, deck, and concrete will inevitably begin to collect gunk, algae, and mold on the surface because of the humidity we face in Florida but our team can remove all traces of the bacteria, making it harder for it to grow again.

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